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Midwinter Welcome

In a month more commonly associated with the bitter cold, dark days and diets (am I the only one still eating the leftover Christmas chocolate?), I am delighted to share with you the new Verity & Thyme website. Loyal followers amongst you may remember my vague attempt at having this completed by the end of last summer, oh the naivety, but here it finally is in all its simple glory. I am incredibly lucky to call a handful of very talented photographers across this isle my friends, and it is their keen eye and attention to detail that has enabled me to fill these pages with beautiful photography of blooms, brides and heavenly backdrops. I am eternally grateful to them, as well the stunning venues I have been granted access to in order to achieve such lovely imagery.

Determined to give myself an incentive to complete the website, I made the decision to halt my blog ramblings until I have a brand new home for it over here, which would explain my radio silence over on the previous blog (which will no longer be in use as of today). In short, the last 6 months has consisted of an awful lot of lovely weddings, creative shoots and festive fairs in which Verity & Thyme has made lots more wonderful friends and gained a great deal more experience in this weird and wonderful world of floristry. It has been a joy to sit, have a breather and reminisce this week over the year 2015 and the special events and celebrations I have been lucky enough to be part of. 2015 brides you were joyful, wild and full of good cheer and I thank you for asking me to be part of it all.

So, January. I get an overwhelming feeling to paint everything white this time of year, have an inexplicable hankering for baked eggs everyday and seem to be throwing pomegranate seeds into every dish I make. It is a weird month but I'm not going to challenge it. As I sit here at the kitchen table swaddled in various grey nordic style knits with several cups of tea on the go, I have made the decision to think through what I would like for Verity & Thyme in the coming year. It has been a thrilling, exciting and at times a terrifying twelve months of dipping my floral toe in a wide range of work to find out what suits and what doesn't. I feel V&T has reached a level of maturity heading into 2016 and I feel more confident than ever to advise, assist and have fun with my wonderful brides & grooms, fellow wedding suppliers and clients in 2016 and beyond. Already the diary is full of every style, theme and colour of wedding you could imagine and I am so looking forward to sharing it all with you here.

As we pull ourselves through this chilly midwinter month I will leave with you a small selection of photos from the past year to bring a little cheer to a gloomy afternoon...


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