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Spring Fling

March, you were a wild one. This promised post has been on the tip of my tongue for a good few days now but I have been unable to sit still long enough to commit it to paper. I am kicking myself as I was determined to have, at the very least, one post a month but I think this month could be an exception with its four weddings, new workshop space, trip to the Lakes and house move?

The month began with the keys to the brand new Verity & Thyme workshop – a big step for this floral business at precisely the right time. Our lovely little Victorian terrace was struggling to cope with the sheer amount of blooms coming through its doors each week and although I perfected the art of balancing vases and urns on every spare surface available, I think the dresser had finally had enough of watermarks and rogue petals peppering its surface, so the hunt for a new space began. From this summer, V&T flowers will be created under the roof of an old stable in the middle of the Cheshire countryside near Knutsford, and I am utterly thrilled. There is a long list to work through before it is up and running, and I probably need to be talked out of having everything white as it’s a recipe for disaster, but it is such an exciting project and I cannot wait to get started. It will be a slow burner as we enter into the busy wedding season ahead, but I will be sure to update you every step of the way.

In amongst all the above, my lovely March couples kept my hands busy with their pretty Spring weddings. We started with Claire and Patrick’s happy wedding at Oh Me Oh My full of seasonal favourites in shades of primrose, blush and peppermint and it was sheer heaven to be surrounded with the scents of Spring after the long winter. In the same weekend, Helen & Victoria tied the knot surrounded by elegant white and mauve tulips; a simple but ever so seasonal way to welcome in the season. Sophie & Jeff, having flown over from their home in New York to tie the knot on British soil, invited me to dress the beautiful Owen House Wedding Barn with row upon row of blush, midnight blue and dove grey blooms and foliage. The barn was filled with floral milk churns, garlands, Spring wreaths and lots of mis-matched vases to bring the outside in. Over the Easter bank holiday Kerry & Richard tied the knot, using a ballet inspired colour palette and plenty of scented seasonal blooms to bring the day together. It has been the most wonderful start to the Spring and I am waiting eagerly to see how each photographer captured these happy days.

April is set to be another lovely flower filled month as I get to work on bespoke flower crowns, celebratory bouquets, a formal dinner on the historical docks of Liverpool and of course beautiful seasonal wedding celebrations. Having been unable to cook or bake properly whilst my pots and pans sat in boxes, I am eager to christen the new kitchen properly with some seasonal bakes and try a few recipes that have been on the back burner for a while. In order to have a bountiful edible garden by the summer I will need to address the vintage bath tubs (one full of fragrant herbs and the other edible flowers) and the new garden if I want my table and cakes to be properly dressed, as well as make the stable flower friendly and unpack the remaining boxes at home. I best consult my moodboards and make a start…

^All photos taken on my film camera at the beautiful Owen House Wedding Barn on the morning of Sophie & Jeff's happy wedding.

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