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A Paler Shade of Autumn...

I have never known a more glorious transition into autumn. We have slipped into the season with such ease, enjoying chilly mornings with wisps of mist pierced by hazy sunshine at lunch and lulling us into warm afternoons perfect for a brisk walk or (more likely) an afternoon cup of tea in the garden. Those moments are my favourite; flushes of cold, smoke laden air nipping at my cheeks whilst cradling a steaming mug of tea, tilting my head heavenwards to absorb that perfect golden light this year is so well loved for.

It is not always quite so peachy. I am well experienced in picking up abandoned cups of tea from the workbench, not realising just how long they have been neglected and experiencing that brain freeze inducing icy shock as you take a thirsty sip, followed by a torrent of salty swear words usually (and luckily) only reaching the ears of unsuspecting wood pigeons. Mine usually has the odd leaf in it too, a real florists speciality.

Countless cups of icy tea has taught me to stop for a tea break mid wedding or event preparation, allowing a precious few minutes to step back with tea in hand and survey whatever I may be working on. It encourages the odd tweak of foliage, the repositioning of rose heads that have been buried accidentally by blowsy dahlias, and in some cases (as above) dipping into the garden to collect fallen apples that sit perfectly with the antique hydrangeas. The photos in this post were taken on one such morning, an early start to begin preparations for Kayleigh and Ged's late September wedding. Cuttings from my favourite flower grower Carol had been picked and collected the day before; cosmos bobbling on the workbench in the breeze, musky scented garden roses with their silken petals unfurling in the warming morning sun and honeycomb dahlias with their breathtakingly perfect pom pom heads.

Before I knew it, I had used a whole roll of film which was unsurprising considering I was shooting in that beautiful early autumn light that touches every petal and leaf with its golden touch. Luckily the bride's bouquet is always the first thing to be created and I managed to photograph Kayleigh's delicate seasonal bouquet which I loved then and still love now. A ladylike and gentle bouquet for an equally lovely and gentle bride.

It is these ballerina blushes, dusky coppers and golden peaches that I love all through the year, but feel especially drawn to use in the first few weeks of the season. There will be a time for the deeper shades of autumn; the dark violet hues of blackberries and figs and the inviting warmth of crimsons and burnt oranges, reminiscent of dark November evenings around the fire with berry studded cakes and a glass of your favourite tipple. For now I am happy to linger on the lighter side of autumn for a while whilst this sunshine reigns overhead, committing as much as I can to memory for when those frosty nights set in.

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